2018/2019 Events

Math Circles events at Dal during the 2018/2019 school year

Below is our tentative schedule for the 2018/2019 school year. Events' timing is from 6:30-8:30pm. Halifax campus events will be held in the Chase Building, Room 119 (Student Learning Centre) of Dalhousie University. Truro campus events' location will be announced before the event and it may vary each time. In each event, pizza and pop will be served.

These workshops are appropriate for senior high and advanced junior high students.

Are you interested in what talks we have had in the past? Check out old events here.

September 26 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Asmita Sodhi

Topic: Pentomino Puzzlers

A pentomino is a shape made by joining five equal squares side-by-side – think TETRIS, but with five squares instead of four! In this talk we’ll discover the different possible pentominoes, and explore some games and tiling puzzles that use these shapes.


October 19 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Dr. John McLoughlin (University of New Brunswick)

Topic: Random Walks and other Mathematical Journeys

Wandering without knowing where one will be next can be surprisingly effective in addressing mathematical problems. Insights into probability and other mathematical ideas will emerge through focusing attention on random walks. The journeying will not end there as surely some mathematical detours into interesting problems, curious numbers, and other forms of travel will find their way into the evening.


November 23 (Truro Campus)
Speaker: Dr. Svenja Huntemann (Mount Allison)

Topic: A History of Problem Solving

Join us while we take a stroll through some of the most influential and interesting problems throughout history. We will see if we can solve some of them on our own!


December 12 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Erick Lee (HRSB)

Topic: Chopsticks, Ciphers and Curves

What do chopsticks, ciphers and curves all have in common? Come find out how modular arithmetic plays a role in all of these as we explore some games, puzzles and even do some art.


January 16 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Dr. Peter Selinger

Topic: Counting and Symmetry

It is always fun to count how many ways there are of doing something. Counting can be especially challenging when there are symmetries involved. How many ways are there of tiling a 3x3 square with black and white tiles, if two tilings that differ by a rotation are considered equal? How many ways of coloring the 6 sides of a cube with 3 colors, up to a rotation of the cube? We will explore Polya's counting method, which can be used to answer these and similar questions.


February 13 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Dr. Roman Smirnov

Topic: Linear Inequalities and Economic Problems



March 13 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Dr. Danielle Cox and Dr. Karyn McLellan (MSVU)

Topic: TBA



April 26 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Emma Carline

Topic: TBA



May 22 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: TBA

Topic: TBA



June 5 (Halifax Campus)
Speaker: Dr. Mayada Shahada

Topic: TBA


Topic Ideas?

If you have a request for topics, please contact us. If you have a topic or idea that appeals to you, let us help you explore it! Email our team at mathcircles@dal.ca and we will work it into our repertoire.



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