Virtual Classroom Visits
Virtual Classroom Visits

Virtual Classroom Visits: We are very happy to offer virtual classroom visits! We can currently host visits on Google Meet and Zoom. To register, please fill out the form below, or email us. See our small but growing list of presentations currently available in virtual format.

For security we will require teachers to use their name when logging in to the online meeting. Teachers can join via browser, so that no software download is needed on the school's computer.

To allow our presenters to communicate with the class, we require each class requesting a visit to have a computer connected to a projector, and we additionally require some form of microphone and camera. We realize this poses a challenge for classrooms, but there are two ways to do this:

  • A laptop with a built-in webcam will work, but it needs to be able to connect to a projector. For older projectors an HDMI male/VGA female adapter may be necessary.
  • If the teacher has a mobile phone, it can be used to provide the camera and microphone: see instructions below.

We will also need the teacher's help to facilitate the activities and help monitor student progress.

Instructions for using phone as camera and microphone:

  • Download the Google Meet or Zoom application on your phone.
  • Turn off notifications on phone to minimize disruptions.
  • Log in to Meet or Zoom meeting on the classroom computer through your browser, via the link provided in email (no download required).
  • Log in to meeting on phone, via link provided in email. Unmute mic and share video from the phone.
  • Lean phone against something, so that students can approach the camera to share their solutions, as needed.
Note: if you would like to do a test run of setting up the technology with us, we are more than happy to do so!

A list of virtual classroom presentations currently available can be found HERE.

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