Virtual Classroom Visits


Virtual Classroom Visits

Virtual Classroom Visits: We are very happy to offer virtual classroom visits! We can currently host visits on Google Meet and Zoom. To register, please fill out the form below, or send us a message via our contact form. See our small but growing list of presentations currently available in virtual format.

Presently we are unable to do presentations in French. We hope to recruit French-speaking presenters in the future.

Requirements for virtual class visits: Either
  • a computer connected to a projector, along with a microphone and camera, or
  • if the computer doesn't have mic and camera, you can log in simultaneously on a second device such as a phone or chromebook for the mic and camera. For this option, try to place the device at a distance from the computer, to reduce audio feedback.
If you like, we are happy to log in early to help set things up, or do a technology practice run any time.

Please review any necessary materials for individual presentations HERE.

Feedback helps us improve, so please let us know how it went! Thank you!!

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