School Visits


School Visits

Math Circles will come to YOUR school for FREE!!!

If you are anywhere in Nova Scotia and would like us to visit your school, please contact our team using the form below.

Price: FREE! thanks to funding from Eastlink

Location: Your school/venue. We can also do individual virtual classroom visits for schools that are outside the HRM.


  • We can visit schools within ~1h drive of Halifax as part of a day trip, and are thus flexible when to visit.
  • For schools further away we organize multi-day trips where we visit a different school in the same area each day. Typically, we do one or two such trips each year, to Cape Breton or TCRCE, for example.

Format and Requirements: (Please read carefully!)

  • Our presentations can accommodate your needs. Our presentations are typically about 1 hour long, but this is flexible. We can typically fill as long as 1.5hrs, or as short as 45 minutes.
  • Usually, we aim to do between 3 and 5 class presentations during a school visit, in order to fill up the day. So feel free to ask other teachers at your school if they are interested! Typically we visit each class separately. It's no problem to visit classes of different grades during the day, and to give different presentations.
  • In some cases we can double up classes, so long as students each have some space to work.
  • We typically send 2 or 3 presenters, who work together and support each other. In some cases new presenters are sent with more experienced ones for training purposes. Typically we do not separate the presenters, as things tend to go smoother when they work together.
  • Ideally each class would have a projector and whiteboard for the presenters to use, but if not, we can bring these. If presenters can use their USB stick to present from the classroom computer, that would be great.
  • We are also happy to visit special groups/homeschool groups. We have also done presentations at Dalhousie for these groups.
  • See our list of topics for more on what presentations are available.

Topics: We have several finished presentations for elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. If you have an area that interests you and cannot find a presentation on our lists incorporating this topic, please do not hesitate to ask about the possibility to create a new presentation.


  • To book a visit, please fill out the form below.
  • Sometimes are are booked up for several consecutive weeks.
  • After completing the form below and arranging the date(s) of the visit(s), you will be asked to fill out a schedule, to ensure that we have all the necessary info and that things go smoothly.
  • Currently all requests go to our director, Tom Potter, and things get very busy sometimes, especially in the Spring. Tom thanks you for your patience, and will do his best to respond in a timely manner! That being said, if you receive no reply for a long time, please try again, in case of webform glitch.


Request for a visit

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Contact us for ideas on how we can best serve your needs. We would love to coordinate with you and give a presentation to your school for FREE!

Contact: Reach us through our form HERE.


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