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Presentations Currently Offered

Here are the presentations we are currently able to offer. We will be adding to this list throughout the year. Unfortunately, our current team does not include anyone fluent in French, so we are limited to English presentations for the time being.

As students are now back in classes, many presentations benefit from having 2 or 3 worksheets photocopied. When planning the visit we can send these to the teacher.

Virtual Classroom Presentations Currently Available:


Junior High:

  • Bothersome Brainteasers (Grade 9): requires scrap paper or whiteboard.
  • Candy Game (Grades 7-9): requires scrap paper, pencil, eraser, and scissors for each student.
  • Dots and Boxes (Grades 7-8): requires scrap paper, as well as two different colours (crayons or pencils).
  • Jury Duty (Grades 7-9): requires scrap paper.
  • Mathemagic (Grades 7-9): requires calculators and scrap paper/whiteboard.
  • Pascal's Triangle (Grades 7-9): requires scrap paper.
  • Problem Solving (Grades 7-9): requires some scrap paper or whiteboards.
  • Toads and Frogs (Grades 7-9): requires scissors, pencil, and scrap paper. Coloured pencils/crayons optional.
  • Tessellations (Grades 7-9): requires scrap paper and colours.

Senior High:

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